Pick The Plan That Best Fits Your Needs



6 credits included

$6 /addl. credit


$495.00 /yr

$4.95 /Team

100 credits included

$4.00 /addl. credit


$825.00 /yr

$3.75 /Team

220 credits included

$3.50 /addl. credit


$1625.00 /yr

$3.25 /Team

500 credits included

$3.00 /addl. credit



Email: support@playrta.com
to contact a sales specialist

How Our Plans Work

TourneyEngine uses credits to create and run events. A credit represents a single team entered into an event. Each plan provides a starting number of credits that can be used for any event throughout the subscription period. If the number of teams in an event exceeds the remaining number of credits, then additional credits must be purchased.


(Case 1) If you have an event with 50 teams, then you must use 50 credits to add the teams.
(Case 2) If you have 50 remaining credits and you want to create a tournament with 60 teams, then you must purchase 10 additional credits.
(Case 3) If you have 50 remaining credits and you want to create a tournament with 40 teams, then you do not need any additional credits and the remaining 10 credits roll-over to your next event.

What Plan Is Right For You

To determine which plan is best for you, use the number of events you run in a year and the average number of teams per event. Multiply these two together to determine the number of teams that play in your events in a given year.


If you run 10 events in a year with an average 50 teams per event, then 500 teams will play in your event; therefore, the Plus Plan would be the best choice for you.


  • Create events for any sport, league, or tournament
  • Manage multiple divisions
  • Collect online payments and registrations
  • Track sponsership and advertisements
  • Send automatic email campaigns for more team and player engagement
  • Promote every event with a simple and stylish website
  • Create round robin, single elimination, double elimination, and custom brackets
  • Automated bracket seeding and round advancement
  • Send emails and in-app notifications with scores, schedule changes, bracket results, and other event updates
  • Create automatic and/or manual schedules
  • Schedule events with custom rules and constraints (e.g. no back-to-back games, day games only, and any others)
  • Send bulk emails and track every click and interaction
  • Social Media Integration
  • Manage ads on event site
  • Manage event sponsors
  • Promote event on the TourneyEngine mobile app
  • Import and export team and roster information
  • Create online team rosters and team line up cards
  • Highlight teams and players through web profiles
  • Track invoices and create custom payment pages
  • Manage registrations
  • Collect gate fees and tickets
  • Export financial reports
  • Embed an event's registration form, schedule, and results to your website

Live and On-Demand video streaming for teams, events, and tournaments.

Engage fans with live posts, comments, reactions, and much more.

Access game results including box scores, team statistics, and player statistics.

Discover events. Follow teams
Stream live events, highlights, breaking news, and much more the AthPro Fan App.

  • Assign official score keepers to update game scores in real-time with the TourneyEngine ScoreKeeper App
  • Engage fans with live commentary, images, videos, and news from the event