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TourneyEngine is an end-to-end Tournament & League Management Software making it easy for event directors to schedule events, manage registrations & staff, process payments, create brackets, provide real-time updates, and much more. TourneyEngine is multi-sport and multi-lingual, making it the ultimate platform for leagues, tournaments, and camps to manage events.

Ease of

It cannot get easier than this! Team registration and payment is a simple 2-step process - no matter whether you are registering for one division or multiple divisions. Get notified about upcoming events in your AthPro360 team manager portal and register with one click.

Automated Bracketing & Scheduling

From 8 team round robin friendlies to local recreation leagues to 500+ team multi-state tournaments, our automated bracketing & Scheduling tools will help you generate pool play matches, custom brackets, and schedules with the click of a button.

Real-Time Communication

Our built-in mass email and in-app notification features makes communication & marketing to teams, parents & Athletes a breeze, much easier than ever before! Push real-time updates about the event to your website or to Teams, Parent or Athletes via AthPro360 Player, Parent, Team and Fan app.

Seamless Payment Processing

Automatically track payments, advertisements & vendor revenue, and event registrations. Integrated invoicing to teams, managers, vendors, and more. Manage gate fees and tickets from your dashboard.

Live Streaming &
Fan app

Stream the games live to anyone anywhere in the world! Take advantage of our live streaming and fan app to make your games popular and attract followers. Create engagement, discussions and live event viewership with fans & followers all over the world.

Game scoring
& stats

Get access to latest scorekeeper and stats app to track every aspect of your game. Download our scoring app to capture live-scores and action on the field. Post box-scores, play-by-play game updates and commentary with our scoring app.

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Follow Scores Live

No need to keep checking the boards, the scores are posted on your app

Follow Players

Follow your favorite player(s) and keep up to date with them during the event

Order of Finish

See the order of finish live as scores are posted throughout the event

Get Real Time Alerts

Game time changes are a real pain! get real-time alerts on any changes to your schedule

All On Your Phone

No need to wait around for the bracket to be posted. Follow it live from your phone.

Event Wall

Follow your event and other events across the country. Post pics, videos and comment on your favorite content.

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