Tourney Features

Feature-rich, Sleek and Simple - That's what makes TourneyEngine Special!

TourneyEngine Features

Organize Events

League or Tournament or Camp events - Build and Manage any type of events in TourneyEngine.

Automated Scheduling

One click scheduling that will automatically pair teams and generate schedule. A simple drag-drop interface to update schedule

Flexible Pricing Rules

Allow teams to pencil-in and pay later. Accept payments through Stripe, Paypal, Check or Cash - Full flexibility and ease!

Real-Time Updates

Send real time notifications and updates to teams, parents and fans. Never have to let your customers any last minute surprises!

Live Streaming & Stats

Live stream events to users all over the world! Let fans experience the fun and joy of being at the event from their place of convenience!

Multi-Sport / Multi-Lingual

Manage tournament, league and camp events for any sport! Supports over 20 different sports. Ease of managing events in multiple languages

Synchronized Profiles

Integrated with AthPro360 team and player locker - Always showcase updated latest profiles to fans all over the world!

Custom Front-End Websites

Showcase a professional organization front with a customized microsite for your events! It is complimentary for TourneyEngine customers

Picture & Video Sharing

Event Scorekeeper can share pictures and videos. Fans can post, comment, chat about event pictures & Videos.

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